Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Sometimes I get very frustrated with technology. When it works, it's a dream, but when it doesn't, it can be a nightmare. This was no nightmare, just an irritatingly bad dream. My "cloud" wasn't properly transferring images between devices, so I missed posting the following...

Was walking home from the gym one early evening, when it started to snow. This little shortcut looked inviting. The accumulation on the bench reminded me of pillows and I was mesmerized by the falling snow under the lamplight.

Closer to downtown, I passed under the train bridge, by the market building. The plows had dealt with the roads, but the sidewalks were still covered. Two other trudgers were ahead, on the other side. The light, again, made it almost cozy.

Underbridge noir
The same shot as above, but black and white, which gave it a somewhat more sinister tone.

Hidden courtyard
When I went exploring downtown stores this past Sunday, I checked out an upstairs vintage store that I had not yet visited. I came out into an interior courtyard that I had forgotten even existed. It looked like something out of the eighties, which was probably the last time I had been here. Lots of lines to entertain my eyes.


The Old City Hall building reflected in the window of Acker's furniture store on Carden Street. I like the superimposition of the CLEARANCE sign on the stone building, and the car reflections interspersed with the store interior. The red bowls are amusingly reflected onto the pedestrian entering from the right.

Our Glorious Dead

This war memorial is just beside the train station. Black and white makes it more sombre. I like how the cross in the foreground is repeated, on a smaller scale, in the background.

Avian shelter

The wing-like top of one of the bus shelters, with a security camera-head!

Colourful Commerce
Always liked the barn-like look of the distant red brick building. Pumped up the colour of it and the plastic bins in the foreground.


Graffiti on the back of a red brick building that overlooks the Speed River pedestrian trail. I was always an admirer of the blue Che, but  LOVESiCK is a great new contrast and addition, especially with Valentine's Day approaching.

North on Bay

Taken from the 19th floor of the PGCRL, looking north. The sun had just risen, so there's some early morning golden light in there amongst the cold, shiny blue.


  1. The first image looks like the cover to my first novel. Only I'm going to title it "Totally Wound Up."


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