Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunny Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride

     We have had a LOT of rain lately, including a downpour this morning.  Luckily it cleared up this afternoon and I got on my bike and headed out to some places that I have wanted to photograph for some time.

West-end Water Tower
     The first stop took me into Guelph's west end, along Speedvale Avenue West near Imperial Road.  CC and I have often passed this water tower on our return trips from Belgian nurseries and it is something I have always wanted to photograph because it is such an interesting-looking structure, and is the tallest edifice for miles around as it is practically out in the country.

Field Silhouettes
     Just across the street and a little further west was the above at the side of the road just next to a farmer's field.  I like the silhouettes of the dried Mulleins juxtaposed with the bright green of the foliage and the blue sky with its fluffy, white clouds.

Abandoned Farm
     I continued further west on Speedvale, until I hit Wellington Road and turned north.  Again, this is something I have seen from the car many a time but have never had the opportunity to get up close and photograph it.  I took a lot of photos of the old barn and even stepped inside it, but didn't venture too far in as the floor looked quite decrepit and I was by myself.  Also, it looked like there have been squatters there.  I imagine it would be quite creepy at night, a good setting for a horror movie perhaps?  I walked around the barn and found lots of interesting things to photograph including...

     Finally. I headed back east and then south and had to make a stop for gatorade as I was quite hot and felt like I was getting dehydrated.  I found the trail next to the Hanlon expressway and took it south, passing many a dog owner out for an afternoon walkies. I then headed east along Laird Road to Clair Road to once again photograph the water tower there.  They are in the process of repainting it, so it is covered up and looks quite fascinating...

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Negative Space

     No, it's not a) where cynical Astronauts go, b) how much room the average Toronto condo has, or c) what masochists look for.  It's another Globe and Mail photo contest!  This time, applicants are required to take pictures where there is empty space around the subject or focus of the photograph.  I took a bunch of photos in downtown Toronto today with this in mind and thought I'd share a few with you here...
Queen's Park Memorial
     This is one of my favourite memorials.  It is situated in the north end of Queen's Park, not far from the ROM and stands quite tall.  It is quite a simple structure, with the fussiness at the top, but looks like it could withstand a nuclear attack.  It's monochromatic elegance contrasts wonderfully with the blue sky and tree branches.
Lawn Hydrant
     This one is a bit of a lark. A lone yellow fire hydrant amidst a sea of verdant lawn.  Surely a dog's paradise, non?

Varsity Stadium
     This shot was taken on Bloor Street, looking south.  The shiny, metal letters that spell out VARSITY sit on a wall in front of the concrete side of the stadium where people go to watch various U of T sporting events.  Again, the blue sky provides great contrast.

Yorkville Pigeon
     Last, but not least, is my favourite of the lot.  I was on Bloor Street in the Yorville area and saw an alleyway heading south.  As the sun was in my eyes, I walked down into the shadier part to snap a picture, and in doing so, disturbed an unseen pigeon, that took flight just as I took the picture.  I cropped it and coloured it black and white to make it a bit more dramatic.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Peonies Envy

Erect Asian Lilly
     Well, the garden is simply bursting with life these days due to all of the rain alternating with the hot, sunny days.  So much has already come and gone, but there is still a lot to look forward to.  Checking out some of the taller, more interesting plants, I couldn't help but notice that there's something quite phallic afoot in the back yard.

Almost Bursting Fox Tail Lilly
     I can't believe how many flowers start off as thick, bulbous protrusions at the end of long, erect stems!  Just like something else, they come in different shapes and sizes and all end with a magnificent display of....

     ...flowering.  What did you think I was gonna say?  It's kind of like a porno in the back yard right now, but soon they will come and go (no pun intended) and we will be anticipating what's next.

Nectaroscordums opening up
Garlic Scapes
Unopened Alliums