Sunday, January 31, 2016

Recent activity

Hot and Cold 
This photo was taken one cold but sunny morning from the 19th floor of the building I work in. It's looking south and east at sunrise. The cold created a lot of steam from the roofs of the surrounding buildings, which lit up nicely in the morning's first light.

A Place for everything...
Another Toronto shot from up on high, but this time looking north. Am always intrigued by the changing of everyday objects that we don't always notice until they start to disappear.

Reflections over Bay
It was morning, but still dark outside. A fresh dusting of snow on the city streets helped illuminate the scene. I was having my ritual tea and oatmeal before starting work and looking out over the cityscape. I liked how the window directly in front of me reflected the table and chairs behind me, while the exterior of the building reflected the structures facing it. The dark vertical line is a window washer's rope.

Monochromatic texture
Taken today, in the backyard, when we had some sunshine on this unusually mild winter's day. It's now raining! The neighbour's fence cast a long shadow across the snow and part-way up the bark of the Black Walnut. The foreground, slender bark creates a nice contrast.

The Second Coming
Actually, the second flowering of my yellow Christmas Cactus. This is a favourite because the yellow ones are harder to find. I also have orange, purple, white and red ones but this is the only one in flower right now. Love the contrasting pink pistil.